BlueSky Ink offers professional grant writing, proposal writing, consulting and evaluation services to 501(c)(3) agencies, state-registered non-profits, schools and businesses. 

BlueSky Ink hopes to allow clients to teach, to learn, to heal or to protect – not to endure the paperwork and legwork required to find grants and maintain grant funding. Grant funding is not guaranteed, but BlueSky Ink commits to working alongside all clients to help them to secure the funds they need to make their dream a reality. 

Core Available Services

· Needs assessments helping to match client with relevant federal, state and private grants.

· Grant Research

· Brainstorming with community or staff to design grant program.

· Grant writing that includes mutual planning of program and budget.

· Ongoing communication to ensure adherence to plan. Grants proposals submitted only after 

  client reviews and approves.

· Creation of process and outcome evaluation systems, with a site visit to help with startup.

· Continuing technical support, and monitoring that includes regular progress reports.

· Grant writer training and other training for staff, program users, and other interested parties.

Additional Services:

· Resume creation or review

· Award application completion

· White Paper Creation

· Internal Project Proposals